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DotNetNuke and Umbraco

jul 31 2009

Tom's blog (Seablick Consulting) entry motivated me to finally install Umbraco (it lingered on a toDo list for some time now). After the usual issues you get when installing some app for the first time (e.g. it wouldn't install as a application below localhost) I played with it for a few hours.

My bottomline question was: Is umbraco significantly better than DotNetNuke? Translated in business terms: Can I run a more profitable business when I use Umbraco instead of DotNetNuke?

The short answer is: No. Or at least I did not find those features that would make me shift. For sure Umbraco has some features DNN doesn't have (yet):

  • E.g. easy asset management, easier than the DNN file manager (but is it as powerful)?
  • Content versioning much more integrated.
  • It will probably have a lot of 'modules/extensions', and it can be skinned quite well.

But these are not the points that make me move to a new platform.

Up to this point I can tune DotNetNuke in just about any way I want (without changing the core) and I can pretty accurately estimate what the time investment of the requirements of my clients will be. These are things are pretty important for my business.

Moreover, given my investment in DotNetNuke, the friends and colleagues in the community I came to know over the last 4 years, and the way DNN is progressing with the 5.x platform. There is really no reason for me to move.That being said, your mileage may vary ;)

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